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As a 64 year old woman flourishing in MID LIFE, my passion is helping women – particularly the over 50 crowd – look good in their clothes, feel energized and vital as they continue to navigate transitions to an older but BETTER lifestyle.

Joyce helps women to slow down and turn off all the conflicting dietary messages you hear from the mainstream media, as well as what others are doing to lose weight and increase their energy. Remembering that your precious body has a powerful innate wisdom, beyond any book or authority. 

We will tap into this “intuitive knowing” to guide you along the RIGHT PATH in creating new habits in eating, movement and mindfulness.

We begin to tune into YOUR intuition and feelings that often become lodged in our gut.  This often represents “stuck energy and emotions” over 10, 20 and 30 years.  We start to work on coaching practices designed to balance our Body, Mind and Spirit to restore the peace and equilibrium we seek.  Impacted by stress and various toxins in our lives, our body sends us signals of imbalance, including, inflammation and disease.  Weight gain particularly around our middle, dry skin, thinning hair and generalized fatigue may be just a few of the symptoms we begin to experience.

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